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How does Pctechclinic help its clients?
Pctechclinic is known to have the best Microsoft Certified Engineers and Technicians who are always on the forefront to solve any Technical snag that you might be facing. They are trained to use mediums like, Phone, Chat and Remote Access Technology by which they can virtually solve any PC problem.

What plans Pctechclinic offer?
At the moment Pctechclinic has number of plans to support your requirements. The plans can also be customized as per the clients needs to offer and deliver him the best PC Technical Support Service.

Does Pctechclinic resolve software issues as well?
The force at Pctechclinic is well versed to overcome almost all the Software issues that come up during your computing experience.

What are the technical credentials or qualifications of Pctechclinic’s technical representative?
All Pctechclinic technicians are A+/MCP/MCSE Certified Professionals. Further in addition, Network Administrators, Pctechclinic support engineers possess extensive experience of over 7 years in Technical help desk environment to resolve issues related to history as well as emerging technologies. They not only pride in solving technical glitches but also solving them in the shortest time possible giving you the best computing experience.

How long is the call wait time at Pctechclinic?
Your call would be attended in the shortest time span possible because we know any glitch with a PC can end up throwing back the productivity quotient by a long way. However, to better let you know we have 3 mediums at our disposal i.e. email, chat and remote access technology. And as a client you are always at a liberty to choose any one out of the three.

How is remote assistance better than conventional support?
Using a secured web connection Pctechclinic technicians remotely view a computer screen. With a client’s permission they not only diagnose an issue on hand but even indulge in troubleshooting and providing resolution for a PC, network devices and other peripherals via the online route. All security features have been designed to allow Pctechclinic engineers to securely connect via an Administrative capability and at the same time view, scan, and troubleshoot a computer remotely via a dedicated PC Care web access.

Can a Pctechclinic engineer log back into my computer once a session is over? What are the security repercussions?
Let us assure you the software used to view a PC screen is completely safe and secure. For a session can be initiated only by the client, meaning that at no point in time Pctechclinic technicians can access your PC without permission. And even once a session has been initiated, clients are at liberty to not only override a technician but also terminate the session at the click of a mouse. At Pctechclinic, let us further assure you technicians only do what is necessary for repairing the issue on hand. Once their task is completed and a connection has terminated, they can never end up re- connecting to a PC unless another session is initiated.

Can remote assistance be delivered via a dial-up connection?
At Pctechclinic, remote support assistance via a 56k modem is very much a possibility. However, there can be some latency depending upon the medium or a provider.

Does Pctechclinic maintain a history of past interactions and cases? Can such details be fetched automatically?
Yes, Pctechclinic maintains a record of past interactions and case histories to save time and help clients better.

In case of purchasing new gadgets would the same service plan work or would I need to buy a new service plan altogether?
Anyone who has already purchased a subscription plan can end up using the same plan for gadgets purchased in the future or apply the same on ones already in possession. However, all this would be possible only till the time a plan is active and valid.

What type of computers do you support?
We support clients who have Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux Operating systems installed on their PC. We do not support Apple or Macintosh operating systems. However, in case if you are not clear what OS is installed on a PC, give us a call and our technicians will end up figuring it out for you.

What is the mode of payment?
Pctechclinic accepts all major credit cards and yet at the same time allows clients to make a payment via its secure website or to a technician directly over the phone line.

Does the information remain secure when provided online?
At Pctechclinic, all possible measures are taken to protect clients against any loss, misuse or alteration of information. The company uses industry-standard SSL techniques and encryption technologies while receiving any information online.

What is done with the personal information provided?
Protection of privacy is of utmost concern at Pctechclinic. For at the end of the day Pctechclinic believes all possible measures taken towards protection of personal information will enable it to provide a flawless customer service experience. In case, if you have any further queries please feel free to go through our privacy policy.

A minor glitch in my PC just needs a few minutes of expert help for a speedy resolution. So, why should I end up opting for a maintenance plan?
If you think it is really the case, Pctechclinic gives you the option of taking a free trial on your first call. But then with Malware, Viruses and Adware constantly evolving, we are sure you would like to opt for an annual maintenance plan. Since, at the end of the day, it is your best bet to get over the fear constantly emanating from threats and external attacks stemming from the World Wide Web.

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